Sunday, May 17, 2009


Yo! Either this is really boring or I am tired, because I read back over what I'd written just before and almost fell asleep.

We are having Italian-themed dinner tonight at my cousins' house to celebrate my sister's birthday and my aunt's birthday, which are on consecutive days or something. Anyway they were both this week and I get to spend the day shopping and cooking! Is like being on a very very slow episode of Top Chef.

I have made: 2 tiramisu/tiramisus/tiramisen; a yet-to-be-decorated chocolate cake, and antipasto platter. Am not sure how the tiramisen will taste because I haven't used the recipe before & the quantities seem a bit weird & I fucked up the egg whites. Hmm. Am also slightly worried about decorating the cake - I asked Kate what she'd like on it, being as it's her cake, and she said, "A dog! No, wait! I want you and me and Mum and Charlie!" She overestimates my cake-decorating skills something fierce, but let's see how it goes.

Charlie is currently outside barking like stink because I won't let him in - delicious warm chocolate cake is cooling on the bench, and I don't trust him not to leap up and grab it in his toothy jaws. I do not want to be part of a scene where I am trying to remove an entire cake from his gullet and he is gulping frantically in the other direction. Also he will be sick and I will have to make another cake. Bark bark bark bark.

I will take photos of cooking efforts and post them tomorrow.

This was originally going to be an instructive post with cleaning tips & tricks but then I realised that oh my God, booo-ring, and also they would all be made up (see 'wood polish is a con do not use it') and/or not helpful (see 'stainless steel polish is great because it's in an aerosol can and you can practice your tag on the fridge') and sometimes just plain inappropriate (see 'spit has powerful cleaning properties, just ask Hugh Hefner's shiny wang.')

So I don't have much to blog about. Saw 48hours film for the first time last night & it was awesome! Will link to it when it's been put on youtube and then you can all go and watch it.

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