Sunday, June 07, 2009


Onesie Party was a success ! No onesie-related injuries, although I ate too many little red sausages, which played havoc with my digestive system (which you totally needed to know) but were totally worth it.

Everyone else ate in moderation, apart from the dog, who ate a whole packet of Rashuns (bacon flavoured orange crisps) while my back was turned. I shouted, "He ate all our Rashuns!" then laughed heartily. Oh, I am funny. I was robbed for Best Humour Blog. So far the dog has not produced any violently orange vomit - or perhaps he has, and I just haven't found it! He also has awful bacon breath.

Jenny made an awesome onesie mix tape where all of the songs had 'one' in the title. I am playing it now and reliving the glory.

Finished off the evening by going to dinner at my aunt and uncle's house - everyone else there was Medical: retired nurse grandmother, nurse aunt, nurse-in-training sister, doctor uncle, doctor cousin. I spent the meal drinking wine, telling inappropriate stories and greatly exaggerating what I am doing with my life. Sheesh. I need to get pretty drunk a shoulder massage.

Now look at this awesome picture! It's me and my childhood-friend-I-just-found-on-fckbk Conor, who is now officially my oldest friend that I am still friends with. (Andrea, you are still my oldest friend proper, because you rack up more friendship years.) I think we're about 4 in this photo.

Little gypsy children bearing gifts of flowers! And, um, berets.

Weren't we cute? Especially me? (That's me on the left - it can be confusing because we're both wearing dresses. Actually, wait, is he better dressed than I am? Is he posing?)


Holly said...

Hahah I am glad your Onesie Party was a success, aside from the unfortunate incident of the Rashuns scoffing dog.

LOL yes, you and your friend were very cute, and yes, I do believe that he is posing...and would no doubt be thrilled if he knew you had blogged this picture!

IT IS ALLY said...

Oh, he knows! He reads it. LOVES the attention.

Charlie said...

Yay for onesie parties, I wish I could host one, but I would first have to get myself a onesie. Are you guys wearing sarongs in the picture...

IT IS ALLY said...

Charlie - I...I don't know. The only item of clothing I recognise is my wee jersey, the skirts probably belonged to one of our mothers.

PS onesies are only $30 !!!

a cat of impossible colour said...

In your face, Conor! I am older friend. Har har.


Tee hee, rashuns.

BEST W-V EVER: obsestpoo

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