Thursday, July 02, 2009

The Recession, Explained Simply

Ah, the Economy. It's complicated. Lots of grown-ups don't understand it. How are we meant to explain it to our children?

Quite simply: LIKE THIS. I would like to present a short children's book, written and illustrated by me, which aims to explain the current economic climate through the adventures of a group of jungle friends.
The Monkey Who Lost his Bananas

And that, my friends, is how the economy works.
Which is your favourite picture?


Charlie said...

"no more bananas, meat for everyone"
Has to be the best one for me - actually I was enjoying it immensely and when meatron showed up it brought it to an entire new level - what does he represent? Govt bail out?

Holly said...

I think this one might have to top the list of my favourite entries on your blog!

I think my favourite page would have to be Monkey's jungle friends, with Greedy Tiger peeping around the side of the page.

Either that or the one where it looks like bananas are coming out of the tiger's butt. That's awesome too.

Anonymous said...

This post is made of WIN.
I do have a question though: is Meatron's provision of meat supposed to hint that people aren't getting what they really want or need? Like, that they need help (bananas), but that what govt bail-outs etc are doing is just a band-aid and not real help? Or did I just take it too far? Lol. I suppose the alternative is that people don't know or dare to dream what they really want or need, but that they'll maybe get it someday when they least expect it (in the form of a carnivorous and possibly cannibalistic transformer).


My favourite picture is Monkey standing between Meatron's legs (partly because of how dirty it sounds to describe it).

letrats: French rodent vampires

a cat of impossible colour said...

queenofthecastle - I think Meatron represents a BIG ROBOT made of MEAT.

Which I think is a brilliant idea for salvaging the economy.

Seymour - this post is possibly the best children's book about the recession that I have ever seen. :) It is awesome, and I am in some awe.

Anonymous said...

@ Andrea: Thanks for clearing that up! I think there's such a thing as paying too much attention in English class lol :p

Sherin said...

Ok, this was absolutely amazing. Great way to explain it, lol.

Baglady said...

Will you marry me?

wv= cowifu - when you and your wife set up a company together and you can't think of a snappy name

IT IS ALLY said...

Charlie - Meatron wasn't really meant to represent anything, but govt bailout is actually not a bad thought!

Holly - it's not meant to look like he's shitting bananas, I only just noticed that :p

Brooke - hahaha. You English student, you.

Andrea - thank you! Also you are right about Meatron.

Sherin - thank you! Also, hello new commenter, yay!

Baglady - I think Mr Manbag might have something to say about that. But ok! We can teach our children about The Recession.

On the subject of names for husband/wife companies, there are some totally awful ones - usually they're called Lynda and Robert and call the company "Lyndbert Ltd" or "Robya" or something. Not that Robya is a very good name for a company.

Renée said...

after a recent introduction to your blog (thanks to haiku post. wow) ive been perusing and this. is. hilarious.

stop making me laugh. wait i mean DONT stop.