Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Somebody's Wearing the Cranky Pants

WORK WAS BORING. I sat there all day and 'shadowed' Sheila (I have a headset linked in to her line, listen to what she's doing, and type up everything she types up except hers actually goes into the paper and mine, well, doesn't) and read the newspaper and now my brain has gone haywire through disuse. Today I made two ads, three paper cranes and HISTORY. I am still bored, and cranky. CRAAAAANKYYYYYY. And I want a pet monkey robot and I want a beer and I want something interesting to DO this evening. I am RESTLESS. I WILL NOT REST. UNTIL JUSTICE HAS BEEN SERVED. OR I BECOME TIRED.

I might have to introduce the Random Word Game at work, I think. You know, the one where you try to slip a pre-chosen word into a conversation with a customer, and the first person to say it wins. ("For example, you might be wanting to sell something online, like fire extinguishers..." (I actually said that once.)) Either that or a) cultivate work romance - must start making flimsy excuses to wander through to Creative Jared - or b) implement Hat Thursday, which is a thing we used to do at my old job, where on Thursday everyone wears a hat and morale is inexplicably lifted.

Tomorrow: Words I Have Invented. After that: Brass Band Stories (maybe). Coming up: Me. So you better get the party started.

PS Am considering getting a small tattoo of a bear on my left buttock. Mainly for the "bare bum" pun factor. Who wants to see my bear buttock? Would be funnier if I got a tattoo of a bear's arse but then I don't think I want one of those. Maybe I should get it on my SCALP and wear hats and say I'm bear headed and confuse everyone. Maybe I should get it on my face and tell many lies. I could even get it on my foot! If I felt like bearing my sole.


PPS Does anyone want to be in a band with me? I feel like being in a band.


Tennyson ee Hemingway said...

Well, I'm a drummer, currently not in a band and I live in Australia, so it wouldn't be too hard to rehearse, surely?

Judearoo said...

Ah, pondering the bear necessities of life.

Christ that was poor. Im off for a coffee.

mysterg said...

I will have a pet monkey one of these days.

He will be called Mr Chimpo and will wear a t-shirt that says "Don't monkey around with me!".

Anonymous said...

Is that 'cranky' as in 'grizzly'?

Before you tattoo your arse, bear this in mind: the shock of being confronted with an unexpected ursine can induce kodiak arrest in some people. But not in others - they're polar opposites.

IT IS ALLY said...

Tenny - no, that sounds perfectly practical to me. We can record remotely then mix everything together and create a new type of MUSIC FOR THE FUTURE.

Jude - Well, yes, but then I started it.

mysterg - I am going to borrow your monkey.

Fraser - I am appalled, sir.