Sunday, October 18, 2009

Exciting Things

So it turns out that Christmas Dinner is at our house this year. I have very mixed feelings about this. I have a long tradition of mixed feelings about Christmas Dinners because while I like my family, and I like food, and I really like Christmas (I start getting excited in November, just like a department store) somehow the combination of the three has a lot of potential for Stress.

At least my mother will be cooking too, so there won't be any irrational fears, like "What if my hand gets stuck in the turkey?" (This was a major concern last year.)

Apart from that, stuff is good here: my love life is not its usual torrid mess (sorry, guys), I went to a Good Party last night, I like my job, and I am gettin' really excited about NaNoWriMo (or, in my case, NaShStWriMo (nah-SHIST-rye-mow)) already! This is a good thing, will distract me from excitement about Christmas. Obviously all of these good things mean that something is about to go terribly, horribly wrong.

Still lookin' for NaNo genre/plot suggestions, people. Should apologise in advance for the fact that all you'll be getting in November is short stories, probably in two or three part posts. Don't worry, they won't be journeys of self-examination.

There will also be the occasional mayday call which will go like this: "30,000 words. Think am going mad. Constantly drunk. Come round for writer's night. Bring food." For anyone in the Chch area who is thinking of doing NaNo, I will be havin' the odd writers' night. Yeah, yeah, there are Chch meetups and things on the official website, but these are for my friends.

Also I am aware that last year there was a lot of blogly buildup for NaNo and then I crapped out and only did about 15k. This will not happen again.

The only minor interruption might be if I go to Wellington to be the Queen in the Christmas Parade. Will keep you posted.

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Baglady said...

At late as November? Our shops (I wrote "stores" then and had to correct myself) have had cards and wrapping paper since September...

wv= comism. The mistake a 20 year old boy makes (for they are just boys) when he blieves that com(b)ing his hair forward hides his male pattern baldness.