Monday, October 19, 2009

No Phone Or Clothes

My cellphone is broken! (Or rather, I have broken my cellphone - I dropped it, the back fell off, the battery leapt out; in my scramble to pick up the bit with the screen I punted the back cover into the road (accidentally) and it bounced into traffic and is now dead; the battery will not go back in, and the people at the phone repair emporium think I might as well just buy a new one and attempt to transfer over my contacts.)

I actually quite like it when my cellphone is broken. I do the majority of my communicating over the internet anyway, and having no cellphone means I can't be pestered. When you're constantly contactable people do so love to pester you.

If I go on like this I do not think I will become a guiding light in the blogosphere.

I read in the paper on Saturday that a local 'naturist group' is having an open day soon (they reassure the general public with the tongue-in-cheek "visitors are not required to wear our 'club uniform.'") I was pretty tempted to go because a) that would make for some good blogging and b) nudists are kind of intriguing cause of being nekked all the time but not for sexy reasons. (Or are they??) But I'm not going to go anymore because it turns out that as well as body painting, art, and petanque there is going to be a bouncy castle. This seems like kind of a not-very-well-thought-out decision, putting naked people on a bouncy castle.

"Nudists On A Bouncy Castle." Sounds like a painting by Degas. Sounds like the cover art for my debut album. Sounds like something I don't really want to see, but something I'd like to be able to say I've seen. Do you think I should go? I could tell you all about the secret lives of nudists. It will be like the secret life of Bees except with a better Waggle Dance.


Gary said...

I for one would be delighted if you did it.

For two reasons.

I would not be able to keep a straight face if I did it and I think its important to be objective.

And since you seam to be the female version of Louis Theroux nothing but goodness could come out of this adventure. Especially if you throw yourself into full participation and quite frankly why wouldnt you.

There is a third reason. But i will keep it to myself.

But please let the next onesie produciton include footage of the bouncy castle.

a cat of impossible colour said...

Okay, you totally have to go.

a cat of impossible colour said...

Also I think Gary is hoping that you will take a photo of yourself in the Nuddy.

otherworldlyone said...

I've always wanted to check out a nudist colony...just out of curiosity. But one with a bouncy castle...I

Tooting Squared said...

My verification word is "prounc".

As is "the naked man prounced onto the bouncy castle".

I was nervous enough about the nudey petanque (metal balls flying through the air? Eek!). But bouncing? Where will it end?!

Josh said...

I also too like the idea of desexualising nudity - I've been eyeing up a skinnydippers club for a bit at uni. Unfortunately in the winter they all go to a heated pool instead and for some reason I find that a bit weird.

I would also find it a bit weird if we turned up at the same nudist open day. If you go to any events please let me know first so I can not attend (no offence of course :p)

Baglady said...

My mental image of nudists always involves middle-aged ladies with triangular boobs down to their waists and men with rolls of fat hanging over their doodahs. Not sexy.

Maybe they should all get onesies. The freedom without the nasty nudiness.

wv=bervitur Am desperately trying to somehow connect this with "beaver" and failing miserably.