Monday, November 16, 2009


I forgot to mention three things:

  1. I now have over 400 posts! I meant to do something exciting but forgot
  2. I want to make an awesome punk cover of I Dreamed a Dream. Why does everyone think this is a terrible idea?
  3. I wonder in NZ on Air would give me funding to do a NZ version of The Bachelor? Starring me as The Bachelor(ette). I bet they would. Why does everyone think this is a terrible idea?


katherine said...

I think they are both fantanstic ideas - can I be the potato shapped host - a la the version they made with Monica Lewinsky (I have no idea if that is spelt right).

Riadan said...


otherworldlyone said...

I think you should totally try the Bachelorette idea. Would definitely spice up that show.

katherine said...

ooohh, instead of sending them home with the "sorry your a great guy but i have a better connection with the others" line, you could write a haiku outlineing how you really feel about them. - I would watch for that alone!!!

katherine said...

sorry "you're a great guy..."

IT IS ALLY said...

katherine - thank you! you are my first choice for host.

Ri - don't get sulky, no-one said you can't compete

ow1 - do you want to come and be guest judge for an ep?