Sunday, November 15, 2009


I haven't even done anything yet. Except eat a cookie for breakfast. What was I thinking? Cookies aren't breakfast, I feel ill, where is my coffee.

I'm buying a new computer next week (did I mention this?) which in theory means that blog posts, like the stools of a growing baby, should improve dramatically in both quality and regularity. Probably what it actually means though is that I'll just play way more NetHack. (For those who care - zach? joff? I had an excellent game yesterday where I had a pet owlbear and it was the best thing ever, zach I know I already told you about this. then last night I had a dream that I was playing nh and polymorphed into a vampire and that rocked too.)

Hey Google just flicked up an ad that said "Changes in Baby Poo." Thank you, Google, for your intuitive software. (Next up: "Changes in Intuitive Software.")

In sports news - I don't do sports news often, but this is pretty fucking exciting - our soccer team has made it into the World Cup! Yeah yeah, I know, most of you guys are a) British and unimpressed or b) American and rolling your eyes but please try to remember that our team is ranked 89th in the world, and there are only 32 teams allowed into the World Cup so IT'S EXCITING. (Also, probably we should not really be in World Cup. The team who comes 5th in the Asia region (it was Bahrain) plays the team which wins the Oceania region (it was us) for coveted spot, etc. etc. so probably there are a few teams ranked 33-88 packing fairly major sads right now but FUCK THEM. Who wants to go to the World Cup with me?)

Maaaaan I have so much energy. I'ma go to the library and take the dog to the beach and, and, and ... ! Maybe breakfast cookies are ok after all.

Was talking to someone the other day about how I was irritating first thing in the morning because I chatter energetically away. They looked at me in exhausted fashion and said, "Do you not have down time?" Huh. Go figure.


sleep500 said...

Yo, so the other day I was playing nethack and stood on a succession of polymorph traps.

First, I was a newt with 4HP, then reverted to orc due to nearly dying. Then I stood on a different polymorph trap and changed into an entirely different orc ("You feel like a new orc!"). THEN a couple of levels later I stepped on another polymorph trap and morphed into a vampire lord. I had an AC of -9 and was so fucking strong.

The thing about vampires is they get two attacks per round (like two weaponing) but one of them is an automatic bite attack.

I ran into a cockatrice shortly after my transformation and, sure enough, the bite attack I made on the thing turned me to stone.


Madame DeFarge said...

I'm tired just reading this. I think I need a little aged lie down. And bemoan the absence of my football team from the World Cup.

Pegasus said...

We are actually rated 83rd in the world a minor correction I know, but thought you would like to be correct!

I too feel strangely tired are reading your energetic start to a sunday!

chris.dadness said...

As long as you all know you sound like 8-year-olds when you talk about being a newt then reverting to an orc, then that's fine.

Are Australia and New Zealand going to tackle the WC as a bloc do you reckon, or should we just try to shaft each other asap, as usual?

sleep500 said...

die in a fire

IT IS ALLY said...

zach! that is a great story esp as I did not know vampire lords had bite attack, it is not like that in twilight???

MdF - Which team is your team? HA HA OUR TEAM IS BETTER whoops sorry.

Pegasus - thank you for correction! And also for commenting, as you are New

chris - I hate to bite the hand that feeds but obviously you are not cool enough for nethack. that's ok though. NZ and Aus should just shaft each other as usual I think, would be a weird time to start with the teamwork

Pegasus said...

thanks for allowing me to correct you and yes I am new to your blog but I enjoy it very much and thought it would be rude to say nothing

chris.dadness said...

Of course I am not cool enough for Nethack. But my totem tennis is first class. I apologise for my previous rudeness.