Monday, December 07, 2009

17 More Sleeps

Pretty sure the escort ad "Italian Supermodel, $80 an hour" is false advertising.

Hey so moving swiftly along, next week is the last pub quiz for the year and apparently Christmas-themed attire is compulsory. Here are my costume ideas so far.

  • Dress skanky, and get my sister and her friend to do the same; stand in a line and be "Ho Ho Ho."

  • Reindeer - pretty much out as a) wearing a reindeer suit is a little bit too much like being a furry and b) no-one wants to be the back end of the reindeer with me.

  • Wrap tinsel round my face and tape a star to my head and be a tree

  • Wrap ribbon round my face and tape a bow to my head and be a present

  • Wrap a teatowel round my face and tape a halo to my head and be the Babyjesus

  • Not 'sexy elf' or 'sexy santa' - these are expensive to hire and I do not have the legs for them. However:

  • Sexy Babyjesus

We was talking about Christmas the other day at work and someone suggested making your own Christmas crackers out of old toilet rolls. I am totally going to do this (but not with old toilet rolls, just with cardboard tubes, is more hygenic) and they are going to be the best crackers EVER. They will have jokes and toys in them! OR WILL THEY??? Let me know if you'd like one.


Londyn said...


Pegasus said...

Should that last para not start "we were talking about..."

wonderful work tho

IT IS ALLY said...

Londyn - thank you! I love your shoes.

Pegasus -AHAHAHA I'm not even going to change that. Awesome. Thank you for pointing it out though! (It originally said 'I was' and then I edited it, poorly.)

Shirley Dockerill said...

what about 'crimbo crackers' or something similar for the new title of your blogroll? and yes please, i'd like one.

apple cheeked, potato shaped girl said...

blue sheet toga style and another on your head and hey presto - a virgin (mary)again.

go to an opp shop and get the voluminous wedding dress. add a green head dress and you are the traditional Kiwi Pav.

or for a more low key option Carol writen on a name tag should do it

Soto Sister said...

Definitely Baby Jesus. Either the sexy Baby Jesus or just the head shot. Pictures, please!

sarah said...

I'd like a Christmas cracker!

Anonymous said...

I'm in for a cracker, you could make mine out of rolled-up money. That would surprise me heaps. Dad

IT IS ALLY said...

Shirley - email me your postal address and I'll see to it!

kat - suspect it is too late for the first one. Like the Carol idea, but kind of want to wear tinsel. Maybe I should just be a tinsel.

Soto - Pictures pending!

Sarah - yay! of course

Dad - hahahahaha best dad ever. The middle will be 10c coins and the outsides will be invalid cheques