Monday, December 07, 2009

18 More Sleeps

As I sat at my desk this morning, idly picking my nose with a paperclip, I realised that I am officially bored with my job. I want to have an Adventure. I thought of some other jobs I could do but they all seem to have downsides:

Cruise ships
Pros: Lots of beaches & bitches; also cannot spend pay.
Cons: Would get bored. Also, imagine if you hated your workmates. They would ALWAYS BE THERE.

Pros: Interesting.
Cons: Requires extensive study.

Trophy Wife
Pros: Wouldn't have to do much.
Cons: Would get bored. Also, would be expected to attend society dinners and bear children. Probably both at the same time.

Pros: Well paid, no qualifications required, meet new people every day.
Cons: Not socially acceptable; annoys boyfriends.

Pros: Being a rock star.
Cons: Have no talent or money. I hear you need at least one.

BLAAAAAAH I think I'll run away and join the circus. But even that is denied me, because the circus school is in the centre of town, and that would become as mundane as everything else! I really need an adventure or soon I will EXPLODE.



otherworldlyone said...

I would suggest being an investigative journalist. Or at least pretending to be one, just to get all up in people's business.

Tooting Squared said...

You could be a secret agent. So secret that only you know. That would be exciting and you'd technically not need any qualifications.

VW - Beasteal. Where do I start ...?!

IT IS ALLY said...


I could be a secret agent who was also an investigative journalist. So secret and so undercover that only I know!

Andy said...

I think Hostess with the mostest would get you into all of the situations you could possibly need to:

• Write a kick ass investigative journalist story

• Provide useful information you could sell to the SIS

• You get to act all HoHoHo without really annoying the BF/GF cause you had to do it for the greater good/country

• Travel.. it would happen.

I'm not going to tell you to get advice from Tiger on this.. but it seems to me a hostess in this country could get some serious info/action/travel opportunities.

apple cheeked, potato shaped girl said...

Mistress - all the pros of trophy wife and prostitute with out the cons.

It also has the bonus of being able to anything else you want.

Because lets face it an agent and journalist so secret and so undercover that only you know about it is unlikely to be paid.