Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I met someone who has a real live sugar daddy! I was really surprised. It seems like such a non-New Zealand thing.

Anyway, she is a part-time model with 2 kids, and through a friend she was introduced to a multimillionaire businessman who lives in a small town a couple of hours' drive away from Christchurch. He spends two nights a week in Chch on business, and on those nights she goes out for dinner with him, or sometimes with him and his friends. Last week he gave her ten grand. $10,000. TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS. And she doesn't even have to sleep with him, or provide any 'extras' - she is just there as arm candy, and to give him someone to spend his money on. (This is strange. I'm pretty sure if I was paying 10k I'd want extras.)

She also gets her hair and nails done weekly - at his expense - and he is buying her a $5000 lounge suite and bed. It. Is. Insane. Especially as, while nice, she is a complete airhead - mind you that is probably what is required; you would want someone to giggle and demand another cocktail at the mention of business, not join in with your discussion on the housing market. (I babysat for her a couple of weeks ago, and she spent two hours trying on different outfits. "Is this too formal?" "You're wearing a miniskirt, a denim vest and a leopard print singlet." "Yeah...does it look too formal?" "...no.")

Ten thousand dollars for going out for dinner a couple of times a week! That is ridiculous money. I wonder if he has any friends?

In other news, does anyone else become mildly resentful when their calendar is full? I do. When I lived in Wellington I had a stupidly hectic social life and was never home, and it was FUN but it was also EXHAUSTING. Then I moved back here, where I had about 4 friends in residence, and had a solid 3 or 4 nights a week where I could sit at home and play NetHack in my underwear, and it was AWESOME (if a little DULL). Now my social whirl is gaining momentum again, and I am busy until next Tuesday. Note to self: Ally! Do not make more friends! They annoy you! (Not you, Andrea and Josh and Krystal and Zach*, you are Old Friends and do not annoy me. Also not you, Owen.** New friends, it is you. I enjoy you, but you are time-consuming. Am I a bitch? Maybe. I just like playing NetHack. Stop judging me. Last night I tamed a housecat which turned out to be a temporarily polymorphed baby orange dragon. It rocked.)

*presented in alphabetical order so no-one gets miffed

**you do not need to be in alphabetical order with yourself.

Also - does anyone else get annoyed when people say, "Gosh, you look tired!" and frown in a concerned fashion? Would be much easier to say, "Gosh, you look like shit! Are you tired, or is that just how you look today?" Every time I arrive at work in the morning without eye makeup on, a whole host of concerned women (my department, as you know, is 95% female) cluck, "Are you OK? You look so tired!" I think it is a huge conspiracy run by the cosmetics industry.


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Yes i do!

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