Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Good Things

This is going to be a Week of Good Things!

Although the customers have been a bit shit.

Just spoke to a rather rude man who sounded like he was calling from underneath a waterfall, or next to a huge assembly line, or perhaps from the inside of a mountain which was being mined by dwarves little people with jackhammers. Anyway, really loud noises in my ear.

Customer, shouting: "I'd like to cancel a couple of ads."
Me: "Fine. Which ones?"
Customer, shouting: "I can hardly hear you."
Me: "Yep. There's a huge amount of background noise."
Customer, annoyed, shouting: "Yes! That's why I can't hear you."

And then I spoke to a customer from a consultancy business who seems to assume that everyone else is also from a consultancy business.

Customer: "I need to place a Registration of Interest notice. Which section is that in?"
Me: "Um, it sounds like Public Notices."
Customer: "Is it display advertising, or classified?"
Me: "That depends...what is the purpose of the notice?"
Customer: "It's a Registration of Interest notice."
Me: "I don't actually know what that is."
Customer, as if to small child: "It's a Registration of Interest notice."
Me: "...why don't you just email it through and we can go from there."

BUT. Customers aside, I think life is about to become more exciting, and not just because Danny is going to design a badge with a badger on it.

I just feel like something is going to Happen. There is a sort of a sparkle in the air.

(Don't worry, this isn't one of those pre-pregnancy/marriage/new job announcements, this is just a guess.)


Holly said...

So did you ever find out what a Registration of Interest notice actually is!? o.O

IT IS ALLY said...

Yeah - they're building a carpark and they're letting contractors know in case they're interested in wanting to be allowed to tender for the carpark building project. The notice gives you the requirements for application to tender (have built carpark before, etc) and details of where to apply to. Very very dull. Yawn.

Posie Patchwork said...

OMG, aren't you a mind reader?? Everyone seems to think you should be!! Morons, honestly!!
Happy Australia Day, yippee!!
I make badges, tonnes of them & my husband always says "we don't want no stinking badgers" which i am sure is from teen aimed American movie, but i'm none the wiser. He keeps saying it, i keep ignoring it. Love Posie

uglygirl said...

If it sounded like he was under a waterfall, it's possible that he was passing urine while he was on the phone to you (and obviously doesn't have any prostate problems).

PS there is a badge shop called Badgers in the bogan Western Australian town of Bunbury. They are next door to Work Clobber, which is handy, because you can buy your overalls and then get your badge embroidered and sewn on next door.

Kim (frogpondsrock) said...

I can feel it too. It is like there is something very exciting just around the corner. And I don't just mean the bloggies nomination though that in itself is hugely exciting.

This year is the year of the tiger and I really feel like all I need to do is just grab hold of the tigers tail and enjoy the ride.

Joff said...


Tooting Squared said...

Oh, that's nice! A Good Thing.

I've had an odd sense of foreboding for a couple of days now. But perhaps that's because I'm on the other side of the world to you.

IT IS ALLY said...

Posie - Can your husband make a badger badge? Please? I hope Australia had a nice day.

uglygirl - I am glad there are so many instances of the badge/badger thing. If he was having a wee on the phone I am impressed by both its force and duration!

Kim - Is there some nursery rhyme about grabbing a tiger by the tail? I feel like there should be

Joff - What, you're a vampire now?

Tooting - Don't worry, it'll come back round your side eventually :D

Renée said...

my dad owns a badge making business and his logo is a badger. true story.