Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I got the job - more about the job to follow - and booked a driving test and am on heaps of cold & flu medication. Please be congratulatory, encouraging and sympathetic in appropriate measures.

p.s. I was talking to a friend about this whole learning-to-drive-on-a-deadline thing and they said, "Ally, you're one of the only people I know who could learn to drive in three weeks," and I was pretty please with myself until they followed up with "You're also one of the only people who would EVER get themselves into that situation." Which is true. How embarrassing.

p.p.s. Short post today because my brain is gone and things are starting to not make sense. Example: was sitting in rehearsal tonight playin' some trumpet and suddenly I started thinking - "Isn't this weird, all these people, sitting here blowing air through huge metal pipes? Who started this? Who decided this was music? Who-" and then I came in in the wrong place.

(But I got the job.)


Ellie said...

Upon reading the first time I got "And then I came in the wrong place." No prizes. I'll just go and dredge the remaining three brain cells out of the gutter.

IT IS ALLY said...

In hindsight, I could have worded that better.

apple cheeked, potato shaped girl said...


Hexen und Schnecken said...

How can I/we be properly congratulatory before we know what exactly the new job entails (apart from driving a car)?
Er, it's a bit daunting to imagine you learning how to drive under the influence of heavy flu medication.
Just be careful, will you?
And the thing to keep in mind when parking a car is that it's simultaneously bigger AND smaller than you think.

WV trists - does not seem appropriate right now

Mrs. L said...

So you'll be driving a bus for an oom-pah band and filling in as needed?

Joff said...

Fantastic news about the job!

... they'll let you blog and chat online while driving, right?

a cat of impossible colour said...

I got 'I came in the wrong place' too.

I would love to say 'I told you so' about the needing-to-drive-for-job thing, but I will refrain. Whoops, guess I just said it.


Congrats again!

IT IS ALLY said...

I will be careful, everyone!

Andrea - yeah, I know. Initially it wasn't an issue, then they remembered that another department had accidentally hired someone unlicensed and it had been A Disaster!

Mrs L - Man. I WISH.

H u Sch - it's still in sales, but going out & talking to individually managed clients instead of sitting on the phone taking calls from any old a little nicer. And also better paid.

chris.dadness said...

Hey - well done. Of course if the new job is less shitty, that also means less bloggable. Oh well.

I think the phrase "one of the only" needs to be held up to the light and examined.

I love the idea that a whole brass band at once thinking "what, we're all just blowing through huge metal pipes?" would cause it to cease to exist. Pfft.

Holly said...

Congratulations! :)

Do not panic. Panic will not help.

Tooting Squared said...

Poor you - get well soon!

IT IS ALLY said...

chris - I'm pretty sure that if the whole band was to question its existence at once that's exactly what would happen - we would all vanish in a puff of smoke, except for one bewildered tuba player.

Holly - thank you! Will try not to :)

Tooting - Hahaha! That is EXACTLY what I was after. Thank you :D

Helga said...

I learnt to drive at 42.If a silly old tart like me can do it-and it was a piece of piss-any dickhead can do it!!
I've already got 2 notches,and it's only been 14 months.Beat that!

Francine said...

Great news abot the job! And congrats for the new driving skill too. :)

Christina said...

Hope the driving goes well! It took me forever to learn, because I'd have a lesson, get frustrated that I couldn't do everything in one go, and then stay away from driving for like, 6 months. It helped that in between a couple of those lessons my family got a car with power steering.

My only advice from that experience is be patient (and learn on a decent car).

Congrats on getting the job!

Anonymous said...

Yes. Awesome. I demand to know about this job.

Rachel said...

Woo! Yeah! Aww.

IT IS ALLY said...

Helga - Yes! I can be that dickhead.

Francine, Christina, Fraser, Rachel - thank you! More info about the job to follow.