Saturday, March 27, 2010

Driving (and more about job)

Note: this post is pretty much just a quick update on new job - one of those "I'm not dead, just busy" posts. Actual post tomorrow.

So my new job, which I have been lax in telling you about because I didn't have the contract yet, is as an advertising sales rep - I have an area to cover, and I go out and wander into businesses and ask if they'd like to advertise in the paper. This is an improvement on current job because a) it will be more interesting and b) it is better paid and c) I will no longer have to answer questions like, "Can I place a death notice for my horse?" (Answer: Yes, but not in the people death notices. )

I start this new job on May 3. If I have a car licence. After two lessons with my mother in the carpark, here is a (complete) list of Driving Manoeuvres I Can Do:
  • Start the car (mostly without stalling)
  • Change into second gear
  • Turn corners
  • Reverse (but only in a straight line because the fact that you don't turn the wheel the opposite way confuses the crap out of me)
It's a learning curve. On the plus side, everyone has been very helpful in terms of offering tips and advice and, in some cases, lessons. Thank you guys for your driving stories. They give me hope. Would stick in an Obama reference but I have a band concert this afternoon and first I need to shower or I will be GROSS and they will make me sit in a section by myself :(

Have a nice weekend, everyone!


otherworldlyone said...
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otherworldlyone said...

Ah, driving. I took out a lot of things that didn't breathe...and a few that did. Good times, good times.

Congrats on the job, good luck on the driving, and hope you have a nice weekend as well.

IT IS ALLY said...

Thank you! Can't wait til my first accident. Tell you all about it. Almost hit a tree today!

Helga said...

You're learning a manual??Good grief-you must have more patience than me.I went for the easy old automatic.Stab and steer.Yeah.Look out for potential hood ornaments,won't you?!

Holly said...

Congratulations! I cannot reverse yet. I am a Terrible Driver.

IT IS ALLY said...

Helga - The work cars are all manuals, otherwise I'd absolutely be in an automatic :(

Holly - Haha! You are Not Alone.

Anonymous said...

Two lessons and you can do all that?! Wow. You'll have the licence in a week! (Hi! Usually, I'm a silent reader, but I had to comment this.)