Monday, April 19, 2010

What A Splendid Day!

Question: what do you call people from Iceland? (Earlier I was talking about, or rather attempting to talk about, The Volcanic Incident (Eyjafjallajökullgate?) and I got heavily sidetracked.)
The answer is either a) I don't know and it's probably 'Icelanders' or b) it should totally be 'Icelandians.'

Anyway, here are four chronologically ordered reasons why my day was Splendid.
  1. This is a little immature but this morning I was reading a fairly dated novel and found a character described as crapulous and I looked it up and it's totally a real word. Meaning "sick from too much drinking," or "characterized by gross excess in drinking." Related: crapulent, meaning "very drunk." I mean, it makes sense that 'crap' is short for something, but who dreamt it would be something this vocab-enriching? Maybe I should be a linguistics scholar.

  2. Despite my many fears new job is going to be Just Fine. My colleagues are nice and the job is interesting and I think I should be able to do it pretty ok (even though I am a gibbon), and they don't seem to want to fire me yet. Here are the fears which did not happen:

    Fear One: I did not completely memorise* the market information pack and they (work) are going to ask me about it and when I do not know they will be angry and fire me
    *skim-read in the ad breaks

    Fear Two: My new colleagues/bosses are going to hate me for reasons unknown! They will not like my face, I will say something inappropriate, I will just be all wrong and then everything will be horrible forever, and they will fire me

    Fear Three: I will accidentally fart and my new colleagues will all know it was me because they have all worked in the same area for ages and will recognise that my fart is not the same as the normal team fart and they will judge me for having the audacity to fart on my first day. And even though they will probably not fire me it will be an embarrassing stigma that I carry forever.

    BUT NONE OF THOSE HAPPENED. Not even the fart one, which I realise now was quite mad.

  3. I drove to band and back all by myself! And in the process discovered the joy of winding the window down and singing at an excessive volume (while driving, not while stopped by the side of the road). The car does not have a radio, so it was just me. (It was night time, traffic was at minimum flow.) It is the best fun ever, especially when some pickle-peckered boy racer pulls up next to you at the lights and you are all "PUT ANOTHER LOG ON THE FIIII-IIRE" and he is all 'disgust' and you are all 'I am so hot right now.' (Even though at the end of band I waited until everyone else had left because I didn't want to a) hit them coming out of the parking lot or b) stall or c) be caught roaring country music to myself.)

  4. This is my 500th post on this blog. Let's go get crapulent.


Darnielle said...

And we can be New Zealandians. :)

Also, you have excellent taste in music!

Tooting Squared said...

You should celebrate your new job, solo drive and 500th post with a crapulatious evening.

chris.dadness said...

Good news all round. Though maybe you should have farted on Day 1 just to, y' know, lay some ground rules.

otherworldlyone said...

No radio? That makes me sad. I think I will go get crapulent.

Glad the new job is going well so far.

AnaDrea said...

I love it! I'm starting a new job in May and also have a slew of irrational fears. So glad you survived :)