Thursday, July 29, 2010

Today Is My Birthday!

This is the one day of the year where the title of this blog is accurate! It Is My Birthday! Yaaaaaay! So this won't be a long post because I have to go and get drunk.

I have had a fantastic day. I had flowers delivered to work. I got lovely presents from everyone. It is possible that I am slightly drunk already.

In upcoming blog events, I recently found out that my friend is
shagging a porn star and oh my God I have so many questions. Luckily I am allowed to interview said friend and publish on here - so if you have any questions about pornstar shagging please direct them to the comments section, and I shall be sure to ask, and then we can all learn a little more about the New Zealand porn industry. I didn't even know we had a porn industry! How exciting. I really hope it has a governing body called porNZ.

I am also really hoping we are following the overseas trend of naming blue movies after existing, beige-coloured New Zealand classics. I'm pretty sure
Lord of the Rings is a given, but here are some other iconic NZ movies that could translate well to porn.

Sione's Wedding
Goodbye Pork Pie (renamed: Hello Pork Sword)
Whale Rider
No. 2
Black Sheep
In My Father's Den (!!)

In conclusion, New Zealanders are perverts. Also in conclusion,
today is my freaking birthday.


Holly said...

Happy Birthday! You are now officially old. :)

slommler said...

Happy happy birthday!!!!! Have a fabulous day and drink one on me, k? Can't wait to see your interview about the porn industry in NZ! Ha!
There are pervs in every country!!

green ink said...

Have a great one!! :)

cerebral e said...

I saw In My Father's Den when it was at the movies. I'm pretty sure I was the only person in the cinema, which would make it like a porn flick.

Happy Birthday! I can't think of anything else to type because I had my exam today and my brain is completely puddled.

Today is your birthday!

Juicebox said...

Happy birthday!

Claire (whyareweinindia) said...

Who knew this day would come? The blog makes complete sense, the planets have aligned, the world is in harmony!

I hope you're extremely drunk by this stage! And that you have a lovely birthday. :)

[Also, in great word verification news, mine is 'corkho' which is pretty good advice for a birthday. Have a(nother) bottle of wine with a rallying cry of 'Cork ho!']

otherworldlyone said...

Happy Birthday!!

I'm working on my questions.

Salty Miss Jill said...

Happy happy!

AnaDrea said...

Happy Birthday!!

Male or female porn star?

Em said...

Happy Birthday you little pervert for yesterday! I hope you are still drunk.

And ewwww to NZ porn industry. You just know it'll be someone's uncle/brother/best friend/kissed-him-in-primary-school once removed. Hope it's not someone in band....

Tooting Squared said...


I have a question. When she opens the front door to him, does he say, "did someone call for a photocopy repair man?"

And does he have one of THOSE mustaches? And does he wear a posing pouch? And when they do The Do, does he insist that Je T'aime is played in the background? And is he called something good like Randy Bone?

I'm sure I have more questions, but I think that's all for now.

chris.dadness said...

I agree with Em - there should be an international law that any country with <6m people DOES NOT HAVE A PORN INDUSTRY.

When you go to the dentist you don't really want to know that the nurse has a genital piercing.

chris.dadness said...

... and happy birthday!

Scribbles said...

Happy Birthday!

I'd be curious as to whether (and if so, how) a porn star can maintain a relationship with a partner outside of work.
Or is it all just shagging? :P

IT IS ALLY said...

Thanks everyone, for birthday wishes and pornstar questions!

(Male pornstar.)

*uncorked said...

Damn it. How did I miss this? Happy Birthday!!!

Meen Comics said...

My god, I wandered over to see what you did on my birthday and it turns out: you had a BIRTHDAY on my birthday. No wonder I like you so much.

Also my word verification for this post is "crotch."

IT IS ALLY said...

Thanks V!

Meen Comics - HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BIRTHDAY BUDDY! Well. Happy birthday for the 29th - sorry the word verification lowered the tone.

IT IS ALLY said...

Claire - Also it has just come to mind that 'cork ho' could be a really cheap sex doll.