Saturday, October 16, 2010

Contents: One Naked Person*

*You can buy a shirt with that on it from here. They also have shirts that say "I'd rather die terrified than live forever," and "Feelings are boring. Kissing is awesome." When I am hugely famous and have merchandise, and by merchandise I mean coffee cups with Bear Guitar on them, that is where I will sell them even though I'm pretty sure e-commerce doesn't actually work like that but, whatever, I'll just have to revolutionize the industry.

I'm hungover today, and have mild drunk text guilt - you know when you wake up the next morning and go, "Everything is ruined forever!" even though probably it'll be fine. Just a little, you know.


On the plus side, it is the weekend and I'm catching up with a couple of friends tonight and taking the dog out to the beach tomorrow, and those are both nice things to do.

Next week my boss is away on the Gold Coast so his boss, who normally works from a different office, will be coming in to keep an eye on us. Errant Holiday Boss (EHB) has left me a list of Things To Make Sure Don't Get Fucked Up,which is nice but with great power comes great responsibility and I'm slightly concerned that I will lose the list. On the plus side, I have the thrill of checking someone else's emails for a whole week.

The turtleicious thrill.

If you haven't visited my other spiritual home this week, you should go and do that! There was a post about the Supermarket, and a post in which I threatened to start my own newspaper and then wrote a bunch of highly accurate horoscopes.

Have a stunning weekend! Don't be like me and drink to excess on an empty tummy.

Oh alright then. Just this once.


Michelle said...

everything you wrote today was funny, damn you.

wv: mightype: I can't decide if I'd pronounce this as in "dude, justin dweeber just ain't mightype", or "after drinking three dozen speights I gotta do one mightype"

IT IS ALLY said...

Damn me? Awww. But your word verification - also very funny.

I'd go with the Speights mightype. Or perhaps, "after three dozen speights sometimes I think I mightype an email to everyone I know." Based on a true story!

Michelle said...

what a useful word!!

(by the way, the wv is now 'bardse'. I might be vaguely dyslexic as it makes me want to wildly scream 'LARD ARSE'! but I'd better not, lest my cry be mistaken for a taunt, as my mother in law is in the next room...

I wouldn't want to wish that sort of wrath upon myself...)

Michelle said...

speaking of which, when do entries for the arse-off close?

IT IS ALLY said...

Oh yes, the arse-off! I had forgotten. Ummm... let's say November 1st. I'll have a little blog about it this week sometime.

(wv - lopivit. Rabbin vitamin, I am thinking.)

apple cheeked, potato shaped girl said...

were can I get one of those bear mugs??

txt regret might be contagious...

if you are starting your own paper think of hiring me i'm a trained monkey..i mean journalist.

to save money i can be my own sub. i'll send stuff to myself and then return it to my other desk (by save money i mean on wages not office supplies like desks or wine)
with big red marks and scrawls that say "no one cares about this" "boring" "the most intersting thing about your story was the end but because it was at the end I cut it"

it's never happened to me but I'd like to do it.

I think i'm going to havr comment regret when i finally sober up

Michelle said...

me: brrr... it's cold out here
Mother in law: Yes, isn't it
me: and to think i'm naked under these clothes!
M-i-L: "oh gosh, are you? Oh dear! You must be freezing, you poor thing!"

IT IS ALLY said...

Kat - How much would you pay for one? I'll have some printed right away. Also ones that say "Be Your Own Hose."

Michelle - Hahaha!