Tuesday, November 23, 2010


In celebration of the warmer weather (sorry, Other Hemisphere) I am currently consuming a champagne cocktail. It's super-classy: Lindauer Fraise with some juice and a chunk of strawberry, accompanied by a small bag of Rashuns. I call it "Juicy Fizz," but in another two cocktails' time I will put a Rashun in the cocktail and call it "Rash Decision" and then eventually I will just call it, "Drinking Lindauer From the Bottle and Doing Regrettable Things."

I am adding Juicy Fizz to my 'bastard cocktails' repertoire, which so far includes the Bananabomination, Sex on the Pool Table (a perennial favourite, not unlike Sex on the Beach but minus the sand and plus the illicit thrill that at any second the table could collapse, sending you crashing nakedly to the floor) and the Awkward Fuck (which is like the Quick Fuck, but you are in a ute).

Evidently nothing exciting has been happening here, except that I have sunburn and it is itchy. Wait, that's not exciting! Nothing exciting has happened here. Maybe I need a little more excitement in my life - so far the only idea I've had about that is Work Drinks Friday: BYO Mistletoe Edition, in which I appear at work drinks with a bit of mistletoe on a stick and whip it out at various inappropriate points during Friday evening's work drinks. I know. I need to think of some more ideas. I'm sure the Juicy Fizz will help.


Vulpix said...

I MUST know how to make a Bananabomination, Sex on the Pool Table and Awkward Fuck.


apple cheeked, potato shaped girl said...

Bananabomination. Is that what you made when I stayed with you in Wellington for New Years or some other vile concoction

Phil said...

So did you ... drop the Pilot?

IT IS ALLY said...

Vulpix - Next post: recipes. But I must warn you never to drink the Bananabomination. Details on that are here: http://terriblyexciting.blogspot.com/2010/02/offsite-blog.html

Kat - Yes. Yes it was.

Phil - No, but a little mistletoe never goes astray.

Jackie said...

Yeah, my neighborhood just had 10" of snow dumped on it. I envy you.

I agree, we need a post for those drink recipes :D

Em said...

Or even a book! You can be the Alison Holst of the liquor cabinet.

Tab said...

you are amazing! have a massive giggle at all your posts. plus have recently (today) discovered 2 for 1 margaritas at lone star so even funnier. love your work. drunken is fun.