Saturday, November 13, 2010

Project Auckland

Just in case you haven't been to Auckland ever, from a certain angle it looks like this:

...but that's kind of Auckland's profile pic, the one taken in nice light from a high angle then Photoshopped a bit so she looks hotter than she actually is. Auckland's not that hot. But I'm still in it, just like- no. Let's not follow that to its logical and horrific conclusion.

Here's my other token tourist shot (thought I'd get these out of the way early on):
That is the Auckland Harbour Bridge. It is a bridge over the Auckland Harbour (the name is a tip-off) and sometimes people get super-excited about it but I'm not sure why, it is architecturally pretty nice but could do with a more inventive name, like the Auckland Transformer Guardian, a legendary being, long-dormant, who arises in times of strife:


Pretty sure ATG would have an issue with this store though.

Facebook. Keep it on the Internet, people. Keep it out of my Facelife.

The flat I am staying at (thanks Cate!) has some Tree Art:

which I am super impressed by. I would try and steal this Treeangle (see what I did there?) but I'm not sure how, or when, or what I'd do with it when I got home.

Auckland adventures abound: this morning we had cupcakes from Delish, which were. After recovering from the sugar coma (I ate a small-animal-sized amount of frosting, oh my God) we attended the inaugural NEW ZEALAND BLOGGER'S CONFERENCE, organised by Cate and myself. We made a sign and everything, it was pretty legit:

Note the excellent font choice.

NZBC 2010 was held at the Falls , which was lovely (I know there's a lot of pimpery in this post, but it's worth it and also I am practicing for when I am an actual pimp, which if we're being honest is not a career path I'm going to go down because I would be a crappy pimp (can't pull off a zoot suit, don't know how to twirl a cane), but I think I'd be a pretty good funeral director so maybe we'll look into that) and there was quite a lot of this:

I have apple and rum in me, and I am delicious.
Unsure if I am talking about myself or the drink but both apply.

& also this, which is what happens when you drop green sour skittles into cider (it's Science!) and shake it about a bit; after the fizzing stops, the cider goes bright green and starts to taste revolting. (This happened back at home, because apparently nice restaurants don't approve of DIY, in-the-bottle cocktails.)

When Art and Science meet: witness the birth of Scart.

Must go now as a) am being antisocial and b) am very aware that this cider (unskittled) is not going to drink itself, and if I keep drinking it - which I will - and blogging then eventually I'll end up declaring my inappropriate lust for someone on the blog and, you know, generally I prefer to keep that to txt messages.



Holly said...

LMFAO at FarmVille actually being real! That's awesome!

I also like the "Like" stamp. That's also awesome. I want one. So I can stamp it on people when they're not looking.

Anonymous said...

I also want a like stamp!
and I very much like auckland too. So much so, that after living in christchurch and australia for a bit, I moved back to dear old auckland

slommler said...

Love your stamp and I am glad you are having a great time. I have never been to Auckland so it was cool seeing the pics!!
Great sign!!!

Em said...

I'm glad you like Auckland too. Have you met some of our considerate citizens - The Drivers?

a cat of impossible colour said...

Aw, I miss Auckland! Love it. Also miss you.

Me and Leez said...

fuuuuuuuuck comic sans NOOOOOOOOO!!!