Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Brief Hiatus

Hi everyone! I am having a hiatus. In my briefs.
(Technically not true - am currently having hiatus in my jammies.)

I'm on holiday at the moment - in Wellington until the 31st, then Auckland until the 3rd if anyone wants to CatchUp*.

Not sure how available the Internet is going to be - for example, am currently staying at Father's and able to use his, but only on this computer.
"It's wireless," he said. I tried to hook my laptop up, but the network didn't show up.
"Are you sure it's wireless?"
"Yes. Wireless."
"Um, is there a cord between the modem thingy and the computer?"
As I'm about to download Donkey Kong for him I may never see the computer again.

So posts may be infrequent until next year. I'm terribly sorry. I'll try and sneak some in.

But if I don't, you'll know why!

Post about New Year's Resolutions over here.

*if you do live in Wellington or Auckland and want to go for a coffee or a beer or something, email me -


cerebral e said...

If you wear briefs under jammies, you don't have to wash yourjammies as often.

Guess I should go to work at some stage. Poop.

The Mad Fat Girl said...

Happy New Year! I've just picked you for an award. Do check it out and pass it on! :)

Baglady said...

I'm with cerebral e. Knickers + jimmers every time.

Happy New Year!