Friday, January 07, 2011

Still Offsite

Work out by the airport ('offsite') has turned out just fine, except it is so boring I'm tempted to pull out my nose hairs just for something to do - normally when I get bored I take a work car and go out to see clients/have an icecream, but we only have 2 cars out here and a 5-person team sharing them.
Sorry. "Sharing."

To entertain myself, I have resorted to tweeting things like "imagine if Bon Jovi was a vampire," which, while an interesting concept, is not exactly unannoying to other Twitter users. (Not 'tweeple.' Never say 'tweeple.' You can remember it by using this childhood rhyme: "Here is the church, here is the steeple, I sound like a douche when I use the word 'tweeple.'")

On the plus side, if I look up from my 'desk' I can see the newly printed papers whizzing past, dangling from the ceiling conveyor belt like a legion of ...moths! Traveling single file. Like a moth Roman Army! If the Roman Army traveled single file. And was made of newspaper.

That is the kind of shit I have been tweeting all day.

We aren't sharing with Editorial, we're sharing with Creative, who enjoy speaking in soft voices and making enquiries about the availability of filtered water. You think I'm exaggerating, but I'm not - at about 3pm yesterday someone located a water cooler and it was as if we had discovered the fountain of youth tucked away behind the stairwell. But I suppose it is hard to be properly Creative on tap water.

They are nice, though. Polite. Editorial are not always polite. Hint hint, Editorial.

In other news, nominations for the Bloggies* (they are awards for blogs) are now open, and if you wanted to nominate me for the Australia/NZ section I would totally be ok with that. It doesn't take very long - click on that link then scroll down, and there it is - and it will give you a warm fuzzy feeling. You don't have to, though. I'll never know.

*Ridiculous name for an award, sounds like something a small child has just proudly done in the potty.


Em said...

Done and voted. Because I AM polite editorial...

IT IS ALLY said...

Thank you! See, I KNEW there was such a thing.

Juicebox said...

Nominated you! But I nominated me too. What? I'm not above that. No one else was going to do it!

slommler said...

Ha!!! Done!!