Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Vocab Enricher*

*terriblest superhero ever. He wouldn't say 'terriblest' though. Do you think you could call an educational children's book "The Terriblest Terrorist"? I do. It would be educational about National Security and it would put me on approximately 15 government watchlists, just like this post just did.

Today, I achieved something: I coined a phrase*. The phrase is: "dicks in a tangle"! It is the male equivalent of "getting your knickers in a twist", sort of, and this is how you use it:
"We’ve been sitting here all day with no idea what we're doing, just because management have their dicks in a tangle."

Good eh.

Not quite as good as my other word invention (I think maybe I mean neologism but it's been too long since high school English and I've forgotten what exactly that means), 'povertous'. (It is a better way of saying 'poor,' as seen in "The recession held us all in its povertous thrall.") I know I've mentioned 'povertous' before, but I thought some of you might have forgot.

Just enriching your vocab.

In other news, the building I work in is officially post-quake-safe (although this afternoon a nice man in a construction vest wandered about for a while knocking on walls and listening intently, as if inside the walls were tiny creatures crying, "Structurally unsound!") but the ceiling has come down in the ladies' bathroom. It looks almost on-purpose now, but last week there were bricks all over the floor, which was a little disconcerting. When I am in the bathroom is now the time I am most fearful of earthquakes, because that is not how I want to go.

I do not want to die on the toilet at the Press.

I don't think that's unreasonable.

* I hate the phrase 'coined a phrase.' Why coined? What else do you coin? What is 'coining'? Does it mean 'invented' or 'made'? I am going to start using it as if it does. "Hey guys - dinner's ready. I coined a burrito. What? Don't get your dicks in a tangle."


chris.dadness said...

"Coined a phrase" is just a euphemism for farting - don't you know anything? I like 'dicks in a tangle and will use it at next work-in-progress meeting - on an Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivatives basis of course.

Stephen Stratford said...

"Terriblest" so is a word. Frank Zappa might have neologised this (see how I verbised "neologism"?) but his song "Road Ladies" includes these lines:

Don't it ever get lonesome?
Don't it ever make a young man wanna go back home?

When the P.A. system eats it,
And the band plays some of the most terriblest shit you've ever known.

chris.dadness said...

Overdid the hyphens there a little.

Elizabeth said...

If I may note Barbican Malt Beverage also looks like it's guaranteed to get everyone's dicks in a tangle.

chris.dadness said...

There is no comment I wish to make at this time, but the wv is offering me "nobsize", so - who could resist?

slommler said...

I do so love your phrase "dicks in a tangle". The mental image is a little strange but it made me laugh!!

Michelle said...

well who cares what this post is about - you're in the paper!!

I find it slightly ironic that you're promoting an alcohol-free beverage...

coming soon to your local burger bar? OH MY GOD!!! I MUST HAVE SOME!!


IT IS ALLY said...

Chris - Oh! EVERYTHING is a euphemism for farting these days. My mother was making hamburgers the other day and said, "Did someone cut the cheese?" My, how we roared! Also I like how you had a conversation with yourself throughout this thread.

Mr. Stratford - Yay! Am glad it's an accepted word. And I like what you did with 'neologised.'

Elizabeth - hadn't even THOUGHT about using that phrase to signify hype! Thank you! ...are you on the Barbican Malt Beverage payroll?

SueAnn - I know - wish it was easier to avoid the mental image! If you knew our management team, you'd understand. Hahaha

Michelle - HAHAHAHAHAHA oh man I was in the paper because I work for the paper. My colleague's client. She came through right on deadline shouting about how she needed a model and did I have five minutes and now it appears the ad will run FOREVER (I thought it was a Christmas one-off). And yes. Non-alcoholic indeed.