Thursday, March 31, 2011


Oh man I am super tired and kind of exhausted and also have a horrible cold/flu type thing and am moving to AUCKLAND next week, and that is why there has been no blogging*.

Packing is fun! I am overwhelmed by the vast amount of useless crap I own, and by my deep and illogical attachment to every last piece of it. Things which I don't need but really want to take include, but are not limited to:
  • ornamental dagger
  • whiskey decanter
  • fox fur, complete with head, feet, and 2 (!) tails
  • small tiara
When did I become some sort of 20's mob princess? I don't know, but we're going to need a bigger suitcase. I keep having Rebecca Black moments - packin' in the black coat, packin' in the red coat, gotta make my mind up, which coat do I take?

Hands up who isn't speaking to me any more because of that last sentence.

Yeah same.

Speaking of music, sorry, 'music,' I would like to take this opportunity to express my displeasure** that Mumford & Sons is even a band. Be quiet, Mumford & Sons. Applying a banjo and a pair of suspenders to bad introspective poetry does not make you pioneers of indie. Oh look! Here's a music video where you're all riding on little scooters! How supremely, fascinatingly alternative! FUCK OFF.

And take that banjo with you. I don't have room in my suitcase for a banjo.

*Except for over on the other blog, where I make suggestions to improve airline booking systems & bitch about fellow travellers & generally shout "I like planes but I'd like them more if I could pick whether or not I sat next to someone who was going to blather on about their life story when I am totally trying to make an origami pig out of the in-flight magazine."

**While I am expressing my displeasure, why is Christchurch magazine Avenues photoshopping the fuck out of images of quake-related people and places? It's not even 'artistic effect' photoshopping, just 'hey you guys! look at this saturation filter thing!' Tacky and unnecessary.


Kate said...

I'm loathe to encourage your hoarding tendencies but:
1. Surely a fox with two tales is some sort of rare if not mythical creature and should be kept in case of harry potter style emergencies like when he needed the invisibility cape. I mean, I know a double tailed fox isn't an invisibility cape,per se, but it'll freak the crap out of people and make them disappear. it's like a reverse invisibility cape!
and every time you show it to people you can say "what the fox?"
2. You never know when a tiara will come in handy. Trust me on this one.

Bronnie said...

woohoo! Auckland welcomes you :)

Juli said...

Good luck in Auckland. I have wanted to move there for years.

Yandie, Goddess of Pickles. said...

If you take the banjo, then maybe Mumford and sons won't be able to play it, because you'll have it.

P.S. I've never heard of them, but I will admit to being a banjo enthusiast.

Angela@BeggingTheAnswer said...

All you need is a double-headed pig fetus pickled in a jar, and your collection of bizarre - I mean, AWESOME - dead animals is complete!!!

a cat of impossible colour said...

Goat pelt?

Jan Ross said...

Loved your blog post about air travel - I tweeted it!

Em said...

Wahoo! Yay, you're coming to Auckland. In that case, you absolutely will need your fox and your tiara. And that's just to go the diary, 'cos that's how we roll...

Juicebox said...

I've just come back from Auckland. Trust me, you won't need your coat there.

Can I come flat with you in Auckland?

IT IS ALLY said...

First of all, my wv is 'antize,' which means 'to add ants to something.' As in, "This ant farm is shit! You need to antize the dirt."

Kate - Definitely taking the tiara now. Undecided on the fox as I'm currently only making exceptions for ACTUAL magic items.

Bronnie - Yaaaay! Auckland had better brace itself.

Juli - Come on up, then! All the cool kids are doing it.

Yandie - Luckily your profile picture is cool enough to cancel out your banjo tendencies!

Angela - Oh man, you're right! I could display it in the lounge. Let me know if you stumble across one

Andrea - Goat pelt! Forgot about goat pelt!

Jan - Thank you! Glad you liked it :)

Em - Yes! It's certainly how I roll. With my homies.

Juicebox - Absolutely. Will be in the market for flatmates alarmingly shortly!

slommler said...

Everyone needs a tiara...I mean seriously!! And I prefer to fly first class...but I can't afford too so I take ear phones and listen to my book on tape. Works every time!!
I hate to move...but packing, as you have said, can be interesting.
You must learn to be brutal though. Chuck things now!! It will save time later!!
Good luck