Monday, March 21, 2011

Rupert's Mumpsimus

Hi everyone!* Today is Vocab Day. I learned some new words and you know how much I love enriching the minds of others. (Heaps, is how much. Heaps and heaps.)

This afternoon we were playing that game that I forget the name of: where you select an obscure word and everyone in the group makes up a definition, then all the definitions (including the right one) are read out, people guess which one they think is correct, and points are assigned based on how many people picked your quite frankly ridiculous definition ("russel: good name for a mussel") as correct. I won.

(Side note: this game is how my mother learnt the word 'merkin**.' If you're at work you probably just want to do the regular Google for that, not the Google with the pictures.)

Here are my favourite words from today's game!
These are all 100% guaranteed real words.

mumpsimus: an opinion or idea adhered to even when proven to be wrong.

infandous: too odious to be expressed in words

ruelle: the space between the bed and the wall.

Here is how you would use these words in a sentence:

"Rupert! Rupert, your infandous suggestion that it would be both romantic and physically possible to copulate in the ruelle is an absoute mumpsimus."

*When did I start prefixing every post with this? I don't know. More importantly, when am I going to stop doing it? I sound like Suzy fucking Cato. Not that I'm implying my dear readers are toddlers. Why is it always 'dear readers' or, occasionally, 'gentle reader'? I am going to start saying, 'sexy readers' because while I strongly doubt that you are all gentle and dear, mainly because you are not my grandmother, there is no doubt that you are all sexy. Except you, Dad. That's weird.

**every time I play a board game with Mum something goes horribly wrong, like the time I had to mime 'Sex Kitten' and somehow forgot about the standard finger-and-hole hand movement in favour of a full-on sexy mime. She didn't get it. I had to continue miming until the timer ran out. Longest 30 seconds of my life. Cranium seems to lend itself to filthiness - was playing once and someone drew 'Paint Stripper.' We all guessed it pretty early, but we let him carry on for a bit anyway.


Holly said...

I am laughing so hard at someone trying to mime "Paint Stripper"! OMG!

The game you mean is Balderdash, AKA The Dictionary Game. :P

I am now tempted to try some version of this game with my 7 year olds...although something tells me we'd have to use a suitable dictionary! :O

Molly said...

I had to comment next just so we'd be Holly & Molly (AKA sexy readers).
Now I'm off to try making love in the ruelle. Or maybe just try and use that in a for realz sentence ...

Sarah said...

Why say mumpsimus when you can say religion? ;)

Christina said...

I love that game! Probably because it's mostly about making things up, and some of the definitions get pretty ridiculous and imaginative. I think the game's winner should be crowned Bullshitter of the Moment for their sterling work.

There's a version of Balderdash where you can make up the reason a person was famous, the plot of a movie, or why a specific date was important. I tend to do well with the movie one because apparently spending years watching crappy movies/tv instead of studying means I can now write legit-sounding blurbs. I always knew that would pay off someday...

I kinda wished we'd used ruelle as one of the features of our flat when we were looking for a new flatmate a while back: "Sunny double room with large wardrobe and ruelle".

WV: Whesse. A form of wheat beer brewed in Austria by monks who keep a vow of silence.

Awesomeness in the Flesh said...

Wow. They say you learn something new everyday so thank you for enriching my vocab! Going to try and use all my new words in conversations today. Except merkin coz...well I'm still trying to get over that. Seriously??

tennysoneehemingway said...

That's it, my next band is going to be called The Mumpsimus of Ruelle. Just sort of, rolls of the tongue doesn't it? Like a brick.

dad said...

And you're in the world because? weird huh?

slommler said...

I am still laughing about paint stripper!!!
The Sex kitten cracked me up too!!
Too funny!!

apple cheeked, potato shaped girl said...

couldn't help myself had to do the google search with images even after the normal one.... it's yhe plastic fern of lady gardens.

Holly said...

Molly: Haha awesome. I like it! :D Damn Polly...she was too slow to comment at the appropriate time. :P

IT IS ALLY said...

Holly - I imagine it could be quite educational... although you would get a lot of faintly scatological answers I imagine!

Molly - Hello, sexy reader! Extra rhyming means extra sexy.

Sarah - Let's start a new religion and call it Mupsimism.

Christina - We should have a Balderdash evening. I like the idea as well of points being awarded for the most ingenious answer as well as the most believable. Not unlike the 'define your word verification' game!

Awesomeness - Seriously! I will send you one for your birthday. Imagine it could also be used as a beard!

Tenny - It does! Like a terribly avant-garde, post-modern musical brick. Musical Brick would also be a good band name, provided you featured a brick soloist *chink* *clunk* *chink*

Dad - eeewwww

SueAnn - Charades = dangerous! I always seem to end up with the most inappropriate ones too... or maybe it's just how I interpret them :p

Kat - Hahahahahaha awesome

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