Thursday, June 02, 2011

Not Dead Just At The Zoo*

*'When Elephants Write Letters: Thoughts From Ivory Minds.' Season One, Episode Three. 9.30 pm Tuesdays on the Discovery Channel.

Hello everyone, I'm not dead, just at the zoo.

It is almost exactly like this.

I went to the zoo today for work and now I am


and I pretty much need my own sitcom, but the downside is that I have to go and do zoo reporting stuff and then I'm going to need a nap because you wouldn't think it, but crocodile riding really takes it out of you.

Obviously I'm still on the split shifts at work and going a little bit mad. My mental doomsday* clock has shifted ten minutes closer to midnight.

Will post on the weekend - tractors tanks & tantrums - but for now am going to sleep and hope not to get a repeat of last night's romantic escapade, where someone promised to marry me if I got to 1,000 Twitter followers.

Sorry for lazy blogging! I'm almost as sorry as this guy:

- and he is very sorry indeed.

(In other news, I wrote a post over here and it is about why you shouldn't send a press release for potato chips and why, if you do, it shouldn't have wine matches. (No, really.))

*Google 'odometer' Google 'odometer' FUCK


slommler said...

A press release for potato chips?? You do need some sleep girl!!
Glad you are okay!!
Have a great weekend!

Johi said...

Nothing says romance quite like Twitter.... :) I look forward to the tractors and tantrums post. That sounds like something that happens on a regular basis on my house.

Anna said...

These pictures are amazing! Where do you get them?

Dad said...

I googled odometer ... came up with a page about odometers.